Healthy and Wild-Food Recipes

These are recipes I have either copied from other sources, or created myself. Many times I will find a recipe that looks good and modify it to our preferences. I do not recommend substituting any ingredients unless you have a food allergy. For those with milk allergies, I would recommend trying goat's milk, and using that, rather than soy.

Many of these dishes may be considered vegetarian, or altered to be vegan, but be sure to check the ingredients. Some meat-free and vegetable dishes may contain butter, cheese, milk, sour cream, yogurt, or eggs.

I do not include ingredient amounts on a lot of the "Meal" dishes. This is because I regularly cook for only two, or many people. Ingredients can be altered to suit your taste, and what you have on hand. In most meals, ingredient amounts are not essential, anyway. Only in baking and jelly recipes is it important to follow the specific directions.

If a recipe says "No Substitutions", it means NO SUBSTITUTIONS. Especially in baking and jellies, it is very important to use the ingredients and amounts listed for your product to turn out right. Margerine and low-fat butter substitutes do not carry the same essential properties as butter. In many cases, artificial sweetener cannot be used in place of real cane sugar. Honey may be used as a sugar sub, but remember that honey adds liquid to your recipe, and is sweeter than sugar.