Italian Chicken and Vegetables

Boneless, skinless chicken, cut into bite-size pieces
Olive oil
Marinade 1 or 2
Garlic salt or powder, or fresh pressed garlic
Black pepper
Onion, diced
Tomatoes (diced canned, or several fresh diced Roma)
Bell peppers (if desired. I use red, orange or yellow for better flavor)
   -or- sweet Italian peppers
Dry Italian seasoning mix
   -or- Fresh chopped herbs: Basil, rosemary, oregano, thyme
Green beans, cut
Black Olives, sliced
Zucchini, sliced
Green onion, chopped

Zesty Italian Dressing

Juice from lime or lemon
Dash of Balsamic vinegar

Cut up chicken and marinade for a few minutes in a plastic container or ziplock bag. Heat small amount of oil in skillet, add chicken, and brown. Add seasoning and onions, sautee till onions begin to turn translucent, mix in tomatoes and peppers. Add green beans, olives, and herbs, cover and reduce heat, and cook for a few minutes. Green beans should be turning brighter green, but not yet tender. Mix in zucchini and green onions, cover, and cook until zucchini is just tender, only a few minutes for best flavor and texture.
You may add a little extra dressing or balsamic vinegar near the very end of cooking if you like a little extra sauce and flavor. Adjust the amount of garlic and dressings to your preferences, as they will all lend salt and a lot of flavor to the dish.

This meal is good served with bread, or your choice of pasta may be cooked and added.

* * * Italian peppers may be difficult to find, especially fresh. They are similar to bell peppers, but do not carry the same bitterness, are usually shaped more like poblano or a very large banana pepper, and have a nice smoky flavor. You may be able to find preserved roasted peppers in jars or cans. We grow several varieties and use fresh when they are available. Florina Greek was the favorite, but our Russian variety, Chervena Chushka was also very good.