Edible Flower Jellies

Dandelion Jelly

Petals from 40 dandelions
3 cups boiling water
1 package powdered pectin
3 3/4 cups sugar -or- 1 3/4 cups honey

Wash the petals and add them to the water. Steep for 10 minutes, then strain. Return the juice to the heat, bring to a boil, and immediately add the pectin. Boil the mixture for 1 minute, then add sugar or honey and simmer until it makes a hard ball (260F on candy thermometer). Pour into hot, clean pint jars and seal with wax or process in hot water for 20 minutes.

Sweet Goldenrod Tea

Collect and rinse several cups of leaves and flowers (if you are allergic to pollen, donít use fresh flowers in the tea). Measure the volume of plants, place the fresh herbs in a pot, and pour boiling water over them. For 2 cups of fresh plants, use 4 cups of water. Let the tea steep for 10 to 30 minutes, then strain it. Drink it hot, with sweetening and lemon if you like. Or refrigerate the sweetened juice for a licorice-flavored cold drink.

Dry and store any leaves and flowers that are not used right away. If making your tea from dried herbs, use a smaller volume of the herb.

Sweet Goldenrod Jelly

1 cup goldenrod tea, made as above with fresh leaves and flowers
3/4 cup sugar
2 Tablespoons pectin

Add the pectin to the tea and heat to a rolling boil, stirring continuously. Add the sugar all at once, and heat to a rolling boil again. Stir and boil 1 to 3 minutes until the concoction passes the jelly test. Pour into jelly jars.