Tuna Salad

Chunk light, or Solid white albacore tuna
Miracle Whip or Ranch salad dressing (optional)
Sweet pickle relish
Dill pickle relish
Egg, hard-boiled, peeled, and chopped

Celery, sliced thin
Carrot, chopped fine or grated
Apple, small dice
Onion (red, green, white or sweet), diced
Black pepper
Dill, fresh or dry

In a medium bowl or resealable container, crumble tuna fish, and add several large dollops of mayonaise. Miracle whip or ranch dressing can be used for a zippy flavor of you like it, but use a much smaller amount than the mayo. Add in a tablespoon or more each of mustard and pickles, depending on your taste and the amount of tuna you are making. Also add your pepper and dill at this point, if you are using them. Mix together thoroughly with a fork, taste, and add more of whatever you deem neccessary.
Fold in egg and whatever other chunk ingredients, if you desire. More mayo may be required to make tuna moist and spreadable.

Serve cold with crackers or any type of bread. Keep chilled.

* * * My grandmother usually made tuna with apple or celery in it, but some people prefer it without any "chunks".