No matter what your religious view, Humans evolved as omnivores. We are meant to consume a wide variety of vegetables and vegetable starches and protiens, and supplement that with animal protien. Too much meat in the diet causes problems, but so does a lack of meat. We were not meant to thrive as vegetarians, and vegans must go to great lengths to assemble the required protiens from plant matter. If caught in a survival situation, a person must consume animal protiens, or starve to death with a belly full of vegetaion.

While I am not an advocate for vegetarianism, we also do not believe in animal cruelty, or mass-produced grocery meats. Beef and milk from free-range cattle that are allowed to eat their natural diet of grass tastes much better than hormone-enhanced feed-lot corn-fed cattle. Chickens that run the yard and eat bugs produce much richer eggs and better quality meat than those raised in cages and fed corn and hormones. Pigs do not wallow in their own filth if they are not confined to it.

An even better choice for healthy meats is wild-harvested game. Deer, squirrels, wild rabbits, and game birds offer better flavors and healthier meats than domesticated herd animals. The flesh of wild animals is extremely lean, and usually free of modified hormones unless you have been feeding with genetically modified grain. Often the "gamey" taste that most people frown at is the result of improper cleaning of the animal.

We respect the rights of all creatures and do not harvest more than what we need for our family, and harvest animals only in season. Every part of an animal can be useful. The majority of the meat and some organs provide for human consumption. Hides can be made into leather for many purposes. Blood and bones can be ground and added to the garden soil. Sinew has a variety of uses, bones may be made into tools and jewelry, and "less desireable" parts of a carcass can provide a healthy and delicious meal for the dogs.