These pages are dedicated to sharing with others what I have and know. I am no expert gardener or expert on nutrition. But I do know what I see and do works, and know what does least for our family. The best take on learning and practicing a healthy lifestyle is to seek many different sources. Try a lot of things. Some may work for you, others may not, but you do not have to go whole-hog into anything. Find what works best for your family, lifestyle, and area.

Since our gardening, health and nutrition all go hand-in-hand, I have included them all here. Gardening and outdoor work is an excellent form of physical exercise, and it is emotionally and spiritually fulfilling as well. Fresh air, sunshine, being able to tend the earth with your own hands, and then harvesting the fruit of your efforts to feed your family is a very rewarding experience. Plus, the fresher the food, the healthier it is for your body. We practice only organic gardening, since we have an abundance of natural resources available, and dont mind a little extra work involved with dealing with insects, or having a slight loss when something is eaten. Fruits and vegetables are much happer, and healthier for you when they have been fertilized naturally rather than chemically as well. Nourish the soil to nourish the plants to nourish your body...rather than growing in depleted , dead soil and forcing growth artificially.

We grow only heirloom and open-pollinated varieties. These fruits and vegetables have grown for generations, and modified by selective breeding and pollination, rather than being genetically-altered. With heirloom varieties, you can collect seeds from your plants year after year, and increase your harvest so many times over. One seed will grow one plant. But one fruit off that plant can yeild dozens to hundreds of seeds. If you were to plant only 5 tomato vines, and only keep 20 seeds out of a single tomato from each plant...just think of how many seeds you would have the next year, or to share with friends! This is not the case with hybrid varieties. Either they will nt produce seeds, the seeds will be sterile, the plants resulting from the seeds will not fruit, or they will not be the same variety you collected from.

I have been educating myself on wild foods and medicines. Why rely on grocery stores, doctors, and pharmacies...when everything we have to keep our bodies healthy and cure disease is right before us? Things were done naturally for thousands of years. I have not been to a doctor in over 10 years for an illness, but I also rarely get sick. All of our most common ailments can be cured with foods and herbs, or simply prevented by remaining healthy to begin with.

A healthy diet should not be about limiting or omitting food groups, or consuming chemically-altered substances because some "expert" told you the real thing was bad. It should not be about living a sedentary lifestyle and literally working your butt off in a gym. A healthy diet is just eating natural healthy foods to begin with. Moderation and finding what works best in your body is the key. Regular physical activity and good emotional, mental, and spiritual health is essential. People are killing themselves with over-eating, fake foods, inactivity, stress, fear, and guilt.

I've included many of the recipes I have used for years, have found that are good, or have created or altered myself. They are by no means "healthy" according to some people's standards, as I use real meats, butter, whole milk, and natural sugar. But these things cooked properly and eaten in moderation are much better for you than gorging on soy, artificial sweeteners, and hydrogenated oils.

I hope you can find things here that can help, or are at least somewhat enlightening. Be sure to check out my "Links" page on the main site for other good sources of information and supplies.