Animal skulls painted with acrylics.

Some of these skulls were found on our ranch, or discovered elsewhere. Others were purchased from taxidermists or hunters. I do not kill any animals myself for use in crafts, unless specified, for food or pest control.

My family has a free-range cattle ranch, and Cow Skulls used all died of natural causes, and were cleaned naturally by scavengers, insects, and weather.
Other skulls used may have died of natural causes, or hunted for trophy or fur trade.

Any fur used was purchased from Burdbrane at ebay, a vintage fur coat refurbisher.

All skulls are cleaned either naturally in the environment, or in a lab by dermestid beetles. Beetle-cleaned skulls are usually also sanitized and whitened with bleach or peroxide. I usually set beetle-cleaned skulls out in the sun for a week or more to further the drying process and remove any residual internal oils and to get a much whiter bone.

Most smaller skulls are also painted over in a coat of ivory-color before painting the designs.